• 'hippie flip' coffee

'hippie flip' coffee

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intense, wild & fruity
In The Cup
sweet & complex with fruity notes
Ethiopia (Kaffa)

keep it weird with hippie flip, an intensely satisfying coffee with wild, fruity notes & hints of chocolate & caramel.

a complex and intense brew, hippie flip is set apart by its bold and sweet aroma. in the cup, you'll get notes of cherry or ripe berries, with hints of chocolate & caramel in the finish. the medium-dark roast shows traces of caramelization, creating a more robust and pronounced taste profile, while maintaining the original character of the beans.

roasted in Toronto

perfect for coffee drinkers who appreciate complexity and enjoy a more intense brew

brew guide

  • ratio: 1g : 2.1g

    • coffee: 18g
    • water: 38g
    • time: 29 seconds
  • ratio: 1g : 16g

    • coffee: 25g
    • water: 410g
    • time: 3 - 3.5 minutes (in v60 or kalita wave dripper)


    1. Pour hot water into dripper lined with paper filter

    2. Put grounds into the dripper and gently shake until evenly distributed

    3. During the first pour, make a circle to wet all the grounds and make sure all the coffee is saturated

    4. Wait for 30 seconds and pour in circles again, starting in the middle and pouring out

    • coffee: 16g
    • water: 250ml
    • time: 6 - 8 minutes


    1. pre-heat the French press

    2. add fine grounds to the French press and pour in the hot water as soon as possible

    3. wait about 4 minutes

    4. after 4 minutes, stir the brew & push down on the plunger

    5. let the coffee sit for another 2 minutes. pour & enjoy.