• 'slow jams' coffee

'slow jams' coffee

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smooth, sweet & easy
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chocolate & almonds
Brazil (Alta Mogiana)
Pulp Natural

inspired by our love for 90s and 2000s r&b music, slow jams is smooth and sweet like your favourite throwbacks. 

a full-bodied coffee from Brazil, slow jams has a bold, nutty flavour with hints of chocolate & caramel. it's a full-bodied coffee with a creamy, velvety mouthfeel and long, smooth finish. 

the medium roast allows the rich sweetness of the beans to shine through and balances out any bitterness, resulting in a well-rounded, robust coffee, without being too bitter.

roasted in Toronto

perfect for coffee drinkers who want a more robust and full-bodied coffee, without being bitter

brew guide

  • ratio: 1g : 2.1g

    • coffee: 18g
    • water: 38g
    • time: 29 seconds
  • ratio: 1g : 16g

    • coffee: 25g
    • water: 410g
    • time: 3 - 3.5 minutes (in v60 or kalita wave dripper)


    1. Pour hot water into dripper lined with paper filter

    2. Put grounds into the dripper and gently shake until evenly distributed

    3. During the first pour, make a circle to wet all the grounds and make sure all the coffee is saturated

    4. Wait for 30 seconds and pour in circles again, starting in the middle and pouring out

    • coffee: 16g
    • water: 250ml
    • time: 6 - 8 minutes


    1. pre-heat the French press

    2. add fine grounds to the French press and pour in the hot water as soon as possible

    3. wait about 4 minutes

    4. after 4 minutes, stir the brew & push down on the plunger

    5. let the coffee sit for another 2 minutes. pour & enjoy.